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A phase I study of IMC-001, a PD-L1 blocker, in patients with metastatic or locally advanced solid tumors

By | 2021/07/27|News and Publications|

ImmuneOncia and 3D Medicines Signed Exclusive License Agreement to Develop, Manufacture and Commercialize IMC-002 in Greater China

By | 2021/04/01|News and Publications|

재무상태표 공고(제5기)

By | 2021/03/31|News and Publications|

외부감사인 선임 공고(제6기)

By | 2021/02/18|News and Publications|

외부감사인 선임 공고(제5기)

By | 2021/02/05|News and Publications|

이뮨온시아·레고캠바이오, 면역조절 항체 결합체 신약 후보 발굴 맞손

By | 2020/12/10|News and Publications|

이뮨온시아, ‘PD-L1 억제 면역항암제’ 2상 승인

By | 2020/05/22|News and Publications|

Samsung Biologics and ImmuneOncia Therapeutics Inc. Development and Manufacturing Agreement Accomplishes IND Clearance of IMC-002 (anti-CD47 antibody)

By | 2020/04/27|News and Publications|

이뮨온시아,면역항암제 후보물질 임상 계획 미국 FDA 제출

By | 2020/03/13|News and Publications|

KDDF, ‘차이나 서밋’ 참여해 국내 투자 유치 도모

By | 2019/12/04|News and Publications|